Season of Family

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  It’s a time when friends and family members meet and celebrate.  We are so pleased that our son Adam will be returning home for the holidays for the first time since he left for college.

Adam has obviously been a great part of our lives since his birth and has also played a role in the course of our creative experience.  Not only has he been our son but also has been, for many years,  a model and an “extra” in some of our major sculpture compositions.

Ever since he was an infant we have portrayed Adam  in a drawing portrait, a polychromed terracotta relief sculpture and several sacred art sculpture commissions.  He’s also incorporated in some major secular monument compositions such as our Soldier Field “Tribute to Freedom” bronze bas-relief sculpture in Chicago and in the bas-relief panel of the Vice President Hubert Humphrey monument in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Adam also posed for a portrait bust when he was five years old and again when he was fifteen.  It’s a great experience for us as artists to observe and record, through art, Adam’s growth from infancy through adolescence and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below and wish you the best of the holiday season this year.


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